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Russia Hotel

 The hotel "Russia" is located in one of the most attractive places of Armenia - Tsaghkadzor. The hotel corresponds to all international standards. It offers classic single, double rooms and a "presidential suite" of apartments that are equipped with all the necessary amenities. The hotel has an indoor swimming pool, billiard room and tennis, gym, sauna, internet accessibility and parking. The first floor is furnished with upholstered furniture and exotic trees. From glass elevators of the hotel, a view of the Nor Russia bar is opened. On all floors there are audio speakers that provide a pleasant music. On the entrance of the hotel there is an open cafe, where you can spend a great time enjoying the fresh mountain air of Tsaghkadzor. The hotel offers a bus, provided for 30 people, which conducts a tour of the city, as well as passenger transportation to the ropeway. In winter, sporting things can be rented. In the hotel, there are also shops. Here, in relation to each visitor, a personal approach is shown. Benevolent employees invest their efforts to provide a warm atmosphere in the hotel. The hotel is an ideal place for all those who prefer full rest and comfort.  

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From 23,200 AMD

Elegant Hotel and Resort

    Hotel "Elegant" located in the picturesque Tsaghkadzor gives the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature of the city. The hotel creates pleasant atmosphere for those who look for peaceful family holidays. It offers comfortable rooms and villas. The hotel has a playroom, gym, swimming pool, sauna, billiard and conference hall. Amateurs of winter holidays have the ability to choose: snowboard, sleigh, skiing and ropeway. In winter it is possible to organize ski tour from the hotel. Conference hall of the "Elegant" hotel is a well-known place for workshops, business meetings and negotiating. It is provided with all of the necessary equipment, air conditioning system and high speed Internet. The indoor swimming pool that works all year round with the spectacular view on nature, mountains and river running through the territory of the hotel is considered to be the calling card of "Elegant". People enjoying the hotel have the ability to taste a wide selection of national, East, European, Chinese and Japanese meals provided in restaurant menu. On the territory of the hotel high speed Wi-Fi is available. Also, the location of the "Elegant" hotel is near to the ropeway of Tsaghkadzor and  Kecharis monastery.

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From 18,500 AMD

Tezh Ler

    Rest House "Tezh Ler" is located in the region of Lori. The rest house, surrounded by dense forests, offers comfortably furnished rooms that have a bathroom, provided with cold and warm water, a fridge, a TV. The guest house offers a variety of services. There is a bar-cafe, gym, table tennis, billiards, outdoor pool. In the two spacious dining halls, delicious dishes of national and other cuisine are served. In the garden there are swings and slides for children. If desired, guided tours and hikes to the nearest attractions are organised. The rest house offers affordable prices to enjoy a full rest in the bosom of nature, eat ecologically clean food and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lori.

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From 13,500 AMD

Haghartsin Hotel

   Hotel and restaurant complex "Haghartsin" is located in the paradise place of rest Dilijan. The hotel offers its guests to spend a full rest in the beautiful nature. There are 31 comfortable and beautifully furnished rooms for two, three, four persons, and ten cottages provided for four and six people. Guests can enjoy their free time, taking advantage of the places for their pastime: tennis, swimming pool, gym, chess hall and backgammon hall, billiard hall, children's playroom and playground. Business meetings can be organized in the meeting room. The hotel offers a wide selection of Armenian, Georgian and European cuisine. Free Wi-Fi and parking are provided on site. Also, there are open pavilions where you can spend an evening enjoying the clean air and nature of Dilijan.  

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From 15,000 AMD

Alexandrapol Hotel

    Hotel "Alexandrapol" is located in Gyumri. This super luxurious and modern hotel offers comfortable and spacious rooms that are furnished with stylish furniture selected with a delicate taste. All the rooms have a bath, TV, minibar, safe, air conditioning. The hotel restaurant offers a wide choice of dishes of national and European cuisine. Free Wi-Fi and parking are provided on site. High-class services of the hotel will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding visitor. Every day spent here will be unforgettable and full of pleasant memories.

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    The hotel "Silk Road" is located in Yerevan. It is fully furnished and decorated with Armenian national style and wonderful ancient Armenian carpets. The hotel offers its guests 13 rooms, which are equipped with TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi Internet. The furnishings of the rooms are in harmony with the national interior of the hotel. The hotel has a conference hall for business meetings, complete with all the necessary technical facilities. The hotel has all the conditions for a good rest. In the courtyard there is a beautiful garden and an Armenian, traditional tandyr, where an exclusive opportunity is given, both to observe and take part in an interesting ceremony of baking lavash.

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From 8,000 AMD


     The hotel complex "Menua" is located in Stepanakert. It was built in 2015 with modern architectural solutions and comfortable interior. Here you can see the restrained splendor and the combination of harmonious simplicity, which is a guarantee of comfortable and distinctive rest for the guests. It offers comfortably furnished and bright rooms. The hotel has 11 rooms: 3 single rooms, 6 double rooms, 1 triple and 1 quadruple. All rooms have all the necessary conditions for a good rest: TV, bath, bathroom, kitchen. The building is provided with a free Wi-Fi network, a billiard room and a cafe. Nearby there are Victory Square and the city bus station.                                         

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Dilijan Resort & SPA

    Situated in the heart of the forest, the resort complex "Dilijan" offers its guests high quality services. The combination of the location of the resort, a pleasant internal atmosphere, high-quality service, and a number of favourable conditions make it possible for all to enjoy the superiority of the complex. Here, you will be pleasantly surprised by high-quality services: 24 hour service, well-furnished gym, sauna, swimming pool, conference hall, billiard room and, of course, elegantly furnished comfortable rooms, and a graceful waiting room. The resort complex "Dilijan" has a history of many years. In the old days, the building acted as a spa and rehabilitation centre. After repair, it is ready to be presented in a new way as a complex of services and recreation, which will satisfy the requirements of all guests. Now, this wonderful seven-story hotel offers an unforgettable pastime in the green paradise of Armenia, where you can spend your holiday or business trip throughout the year. Friendly and professional staff are always ready to perform high-quality service, showing a personal approach to each visitor. Being provided with all conditions, the hotel is the most pleasant and convenient place for spending a holiday.

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Crystal Resort Aghveran

  The hotel "Crystal Resort" offers you to enjoy rest in the bosom of paradise, stunning beautiful scenery and beautiful views. The hotel is located in the mountain resort Aghveran, at a distance of 45 km from Yerevan. Here, the European style and Armenian hospitality are combined, providing a wonderful rest. The offered convenient conditions and qualitative service will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding visitor. The hotel has a gym, swimming pool, billiard room and tennis, conference hall, bar, Wi-Fi and parking. From comfortable and luxurious rooms there is a beautiful view of nature. The hotel is surrounded by picturesque forests and the Tsakhkunyats mountain chain. Due to the variety of services and high-quality service, rest will be full and unforgettable. The hotel is always happy to receive and best serve its guests. The staff does everything to make the guests feel safe and enjoy their full rest, leaving only with good memories and impressions. The international airport "Zvartnots" is located at a distance of 38 km, and the railway station - at a distance of 45 km.

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Qefilyan Hotel

  Hotel "Qefilyan" is located at a distance of 10 km from the city of Alaverdi, in the village of Haghpat. The hotel offers single, double, triple and deluxe rooms that are provided with all the necessary amenities. From the windows there is a beautiful view of the canyon of the river Debed. The hotel has free Wi-Fi, parking, a point of sale of souvenirs. It also offers sightseeing and tourist services: hiking, participation in the processes of distilling vodka and baking lavash. The hotel staff does everything to make guests feel safe and enjoy their full rest, and so that leaving the hotel they have only good memories and wonderful impressions taken away.

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